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Influenza epidemics occur yearly during autumn and winter in temperate regions. Worldwide, these annual epidemics result in about three to five million cases of severe illness, and about 250 000 to 500 000 deaths. Most deaths associated with influenza in industrialized countries occur among people age 65 or older.

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Anne Frank was a German girl born in 1929 in Frankfurt, she wasJewish. Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl who hid, with her family andothers, the third floor of her dad’s former business premises inAmsterdam to avoid being sent to a concentration camp. She livedthere for two years and a month until someone turned her and herfamily in to the police.

That responsibility includes seeking justice for people whose reputations and lives can be damaged irreparably by the lingering specter of suspicion. In a highly publicized case, the detrimental impact of publicity and suspicion on people’s lives can be extreme. We will accord them all the rights guaranteed to the victims of violent crimes under the law in Colorado and all the respect and sympathy due from one human being to another.

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Eric Cadesky. The agency says getting two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine is almost 100 per cent effective in preventing the disease. A story in the Washington Post in February noted how many American teens were going against their anti vaxxer parents and were seeking ways to get vaccinated.

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