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replica bags in china South Africans take their grilling sessions seriously, so it is not surprising that many of the country wines take particularly well to smoke and fire. This Shiraz ripe, overt fruit cuts through char, its spice and smoke work well with peppery marinades, and its easygoing finish doesn bog down the palate.Bottom line:C+ Fruity and food friendly.Spier 2016 Signature Merlot, South AfricaShowing that you can have your fruit and your structure too, Spier latest vintage of Merlot walks a tasty line between gutsy, juicy dark fruit, integrated toasty oak, and savoury herbs. As an aside, perhaps the best place to sip this Merlot would be while visiting the winery farm and hotel, which is an amazingly picturesque and serene setting. replica bags in china

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